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The 2017 Friendliest Cities in the World

Perth, Austalia While Sydney and Melbourne have forever gotten plenty of attention, Perth has put itself on the map in recent times, becoming Australia’s rising star, thanks to a boom of hip restaurants and lodging, and by adding the world’s longest flight. As one reader said, “I’ve never said wow so many times,” one vistor said. That alone says volumes. Gothenburg, Sweden Gothenburg might ...

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The Best Cities in the World

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is a mix of contradictions, from ultramodern, neon-lit skyscrapers to tranquil temples, historic shrines, and expansive forests. A center for innovation, this Japanese capital has more Michelin stars than any other place on earth, and is—no surprise—one of the world’s best food destinations. For just a taste of what the city can offer, pull up a stool and dig deep into ...

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Palawan, the Philippines: The Most Beautiful Island in the World

“It’s no wonder Palawan ranked as the most beautiful island in the world this year, as the clear aquamarine water, limestone cliffs, and lagoons of the island province of the Philippines are only the most basic highlights,” says contributing editor Cynthia Drescher. “Palawan is home to nature reserves on both land and sea, with dolphins just offshore, marine gardens of ...

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5 Reasons To Visit Hawaii Right Now

Few places in the world inspire as much sheet wanderlust as the islands of Hawaii. Home to eight national parks, 400-plus beaches, and countless scenic hikes, the state is a goldmine of staggering natural beauty. But there’s more to the islands than Instagram-worthy views. From fresh food to world-class surfing to incredible wildlife, here are 5 reasons to start planning ...

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Best Places To Stay In Hawaii

Whether your idea of paradise is a lush, remote rainforest, a secret surf spot, or a white beach that stretches for miles, Hawaii has an island for you. In a tropical paradise where luxury knows no limits, it’s easy to splurge on extravagant accommodations, designer spa treatments, and endless rounds of golf. But what if you want to see the best Hawaii ...

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